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Visitor picture: Otherworldly sea jellies. Yes, but what is a sea jelly?

Thanks for sharing these beauties, emilielanglais: New England Aquarium, Boston.


Making of HTTYD 2: Process


Played around with Gouache and drew all of my favourite megas so far in ORAS. 

scanner ruined some things cries. 

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Koudai’s blog entry
2014-09-01, 00:31

And so the summer ends, too.

This summer various things happened
but I’ve lived life my way.

When I was a child I said things like
"I want to become a greengrocer!"
or “I want to become a Ninja!”
but if that me back then could see me today
he would probably be really surprised w

I was born in the countryside
and have started playing music being all by myself
but when I looked around I realized that there are so many people who’re supporting me.

If you weren’t here
sharp words would have frightend the person I was back then
and I probably would’ve run away.

I want to meet you soon.

Because for me the “you” that we’re talking about in the lyrics of “idea" is all of you.


It’s gotten cold


but I’m giving my best!

Peace in my free time.

Ah, we’ve arrived in Tokyo ^^


INNOCENCE PV making - Royz

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I want to talk to you but my face

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The birdlike nature of Cloudjumper required us to rethink our approach to dragon scales. The decision was made to grow individual scales that flex, expand, and contact - much like feathers - creating a truly unique and majestic creature.
     This undertaking required the precise collaboration of many departments. Although Cloudjumper is comprised of hard and scaly materials, there is a softness and gracefulness to his appeal

- Paolo deGuzman, head of surfacing. Concept art from ‘The Art Of How To Train Your Dragon 2’.

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if magikarp can do nothing and then suddenly grow up to be really useful then so can i

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*。.゚。*・✿ The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself ✿・*。゚。*

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Live your Art. Don’t think about it.
Bill Viola (b.1951, American)

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